Hack 2018
2018-07-26, 1:22 PM

This Hack is actually a bot which gives you a bunch of cool features in order to speed up the pace of your game, grow up to a point where no one can eat you and climb up the leaderboard very fast becoming one of the top 10 players. In other words it is the perfect cheat for those of you who aren’t willing to take the hard road to the top. All you have to do is download our hack, enter your username, fill in the form that will appear on your screen and connect on within the next 15 minutes. It is as simple as that and within a few seconds you will be invincible at this game.

But be aware that if you tend to overuse the Hack you might end up losing the fun and excitement in the game. You should use the bot merely as a tool to boost up your game when you are impatient or you just haven’t had luck that day to grow up to the point you’ve intended to.

Features of our Hack

As we’ve mentioned, our hack has cool features like Increasing Size, Zoom, Speed Booster and Invisibility. That means that you can zoom the page for bigger visibility of your surroundings which automatically gives you advantage over your opponents, plus you can control the speed depending on your mood. You can boost you speed or play slower if you wish to. Another great thing of our Hack is that it allows you to play in invisible mode where you can decrease the opacity of your cell, thus you will be less visible to your opponents which gives you another advantage.

About the Hack

As awesome as this game is, it is written in java script. Well, as programmers and gamers ourselves, we’ve decided to write a few codes in order to cheat the game serves. After a few days of testing and trying, we’ve finally managed to do so. Imagine how happy and satisfied we were at that moment. So we’ve figured why not share this with other players as well? And this is how our Hack was created. We are very proud with our work and we will be very glad if you find our hack helpful. And please don’t forget to leave us a comment.

The downloading process is very simple and it will take just a few minutes of your time. Simply download the hack, enter your username, choose the mod you wish to play in and choose the exploits you want. Then you have to wait a few seconds while the process is finished and you must connect on in the next 15 minutes. So, basically that’s it guys. Have fun and please don’t forget to leave us a comment.


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